General terms and conditions and use of personal data

The terms and conditions were last updated in December 2022.

Your use of Omnicarservice’s online marketing platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”) is considered as acceptance of Omnicarservice’s terms and conditions, including Omnicarservice’s policy for the processing of personal data and cookie policy, as well as other applicable guidelines at any time (collectively referred to as “Terms and Conditions”).

You also confirm that you are over 18 years of age. If you cannot accept Omnicarservice’s Terms and Conditions, you must not register as a user on the Platform. Omnicarservice reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions.

1. Introduction

1.1 The operation of the website is handled by Omnicarservice ApS, CVR. no. 40569820, Valhøjs Allé 158, 2610 Rødovre, e-mail:

2. Services

2.1 The Platform facilitates a booking function which enables you to book car services. The Platform contains and provides access to factual information which enables Omnicarservice to facilitate contact between users of the Platform. 2.2 The services are administered and performed by Omnicarservice’s certified mechanics and foremen. 

3. About booking services via the Platform

3.1 Booking of services takes place at any time via the Platform or via telephone inquiries. Personal support is available on stated days and times at Support is available via e-mail to or phone +45 70 70 77 87 Monday-Friday: from 08.00-17.00. 

4. Conditions for online booking at

4.1 Agreement regarding online bookingOmnicarservice points out that ordering the booking of services online at is an invitation to make a purchase. No binding purchase before Omnicarservice has accepted the order for the booking of the service. Acceptance takes the form of a booking confirmation by e-mail and SMS. Omnicarservice reserves the right to reject your booking. 

4.2 Prices and paymentAll prices listed at are in Danish kroner and include 25% VAT. All advertised prices apply to consumer purchases only. 

4.3 Reservations are made for pricing and proofreading errors as well as changes in fees. If an order is covered by the reservations, we will inform you of this. In this connection, Omnicarservice will await your approval before completing your order. 

4.4 Payment for services is only made directly to Omnicarservice’s certified mechanics after end of the service. 

4.5 Omnicarservice reserves the right not to hand over the car until payment has been made. 4.6 We point out that the estimated price and choice of time are indicative, and can be changed by Omnicarservice in case of unforeseen complications. Omnicarservice will contact you in these cases. 

5. Right of cancellation on bookings

5.1 If you wish to cancel your booking, you must contact Omnicarservice before the service has been delivered. All cancellations must be made no later than 48 hours before the next booking to 

5.2 If the agreement is not canceled or changed in time, Omnicarservice reserves the right to charge the full price of the service. 

5.3 When booking a service, you give your permission that Omnicarservice’s certified mechanic can start the service and that the cancellation period ends when the service has been delivered. If you cancel before the service has been completed (while the service is in progress), you will be charged for the work that already has been done and thus delivered. 

6. Force majeure

If an extraordinary situation arises which is beyond Omnicarservice’s control and which is regarded as force majeure, Omnicarservice’s obligations will be suspended. The time frame for this suspension will be as long as the emergency situation lasts. In such a situation, the buyer will be able to cancel his booking if the situation lasts, or is assumed to last longer than 14 days. Examples covered by force majeure could be natural disasters, strikes or production disruptions at suppliers, for which Omnicarservice cannot be held responsible. 

7. Limitation of liability

Any compensation claim against Omnicarservice can never exceed the invoice amount for the service delivered in connection with the booking. 

8. Personal information

When using the Platform, the following personal information will be collected and used in connection with the handling of an online booking: name, address, postcode, city, e-mail and mobile number. You can read more about the handling of personal data here:

9. Access to complaints

If you want to complain about your booking, you must contact Omnicarservice. If we do not succeed in finding a solution, you can, if the conditions for this are present, lodge a complaint to Forbrugeranklagenævnet: starter-du-en-klagesag/   Complaints about the delivered service must be made as soon as possible via e-mail, with pictures and a description of the problem attached.Omnicarservice is not obliged to provide compensation for any complaints. 

10. Communication

10.1. Omnicarservice has the right to communicate directly to all users of the Platform in connection with the delivery of the service via e-mail, telephone, app notifications, social media and communication apps. 

11. Keys

11.1 You must be responsible for handing over the keys to Omnicarservice’s mechanic yourself. Omnicarservice assumes no responsibility for lost keys or the like. 

12 Payment

12.1 Unless otherwise stated, users of the Platform must follow the guidelines applicable at all times for booking and paying for services. The user cannot deviate from the prices set by Omnicarservice. Any circumvention will result in immediate exclusion from the Platform.

12.2 Your card details are handled by ePay A/S, which has the highest level of security within online payment solutions. Omnicarservice thus does not have access to your card details and cannot be held responsible for any misuse of your card details. 

12.3 When the service has been performed, the amount will be deducted from your credit card. 

12.4 Omnicarservice only accepts card payment via e.g. Visa, Visa/Dankort, Visa Electron, Mastercard and MobilePay 

13. Insurance

13.1 A Mechanic hired through the Platform is covered by insurance in case of an injury/accident at the workplace.

14. Personal information14.1 To become a user of the Platform, you must enter the following information, which you give Omnicarservice consent to register and process upon creation: Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address. We register your personal data with the aim of being able to deliver the service to you. 14.2. Omnicarservice collects the information you provide directly to us, when you request services, contact support or otherwise communicate with us. This information may include: e-mail, telephone number, postal address, payment method, services, booking notices and other information that you provide us in connection with your booking. 

14.3 Information about use and preferences: We collect information about how you interact on the Platform when booking of services, preferences, and selected settings. In some cases, we collect information using cookies and similar technologies that create and maintain unique identifiers. We may also collect information from business partners, applications, social media and the like. 

14.4 You consent to the counterparty being able to submit reviews in the tasks mediated on the Platform. In order to ensure that reviews are relevant and valid, Omnicarservice carries out regular random checks. 

14.5 Log Information: When you use the Platform, we collect server logs that may include information such as IP address, date and time of access, app functions or pages viewed, app crashes and other system activities, browser type, and the third-party website or service you used before you interacted with the Platform.

14.6 Use of Information. We use the information we collect about you to deliver, maintain and improve the Platform, including for example enabling payments, sending receipts, facilitating services and possibly other products that you request (and send related information), develop new features, provide customer support to you, develop security features, approve users and send product updates and administrative messages, perform internal transactions to, for example, prevent fraud and misuse of the Platform, find software errors and operational problems and monitor and analyze trends in activities and usage. We may also use the information to enable communication with you and send you messages that we think may be of interest to you, including information about products, services, advertising campaigns and news from Omnicarservice. 

14.7 Sharing of Information. We may share your information with other business partners relevant to the provision of the service so that they can provide the service you request. The Platform may also integrate with social media sharing features and other related tools that allow you to share your actions on the Platform with other apps, websites or media, or vice versa. Your use of such features enables the sharing of information with friends and the public, depending on your social media sharing settings. 

14.8 Analysis and marketing services provided by others.

We may use your information in connection with the analysis and marketing service provided by business partners in order to provide goods or services related to the service. 

14.9 Access and deletion of information. Pursuant to the Act on Personal Data, you have the right to object to both the collection and the further processing of said information, and may, with certain statutory exceptions, be notified by Omnicarservice, which is the data controller, about which information is collected about you. You also have the right to revoke a consent. 14.10. Complaint about the processing of personal data. If you want to complain about the processing of your personal data, you can do so to the data controller (DPO), who can be contacted at or to the Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet), Borgergade 28, 5., 1300 København K,

15. Cookies

15.1 Omnicarservice uses cookies and other identification technologies on the Platform, mobile applications, electronic communication media for a number of purposes, including to verify users, remember user preferences and settings, analyze website traffic and trends, and generally to understand the online behavior and interests of the people using the Platform. Here you can read more about the types of cookies we use, why we use them and how you can make your choices. 

15.2 You have the right to choose whether you want to accept cookies or not. However, they are an important part of how the Platform works, so you should be aware that if you choose to reject or remove cookies, this may affect the Platform’s availability and function.

15.3 Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you wish, you can usually choose to set your browser to remove or reject browser cookies. To do this, you must follow the instructions in the browser, usually found under the “Help” or “Settings” menu. Some external parties also offer the option to reject their cookies by clicking directly on the opt-out link. 

16. Choice of law and venue

16.1 Omnicarservice’s conditions are subject to Danish law. All activities between Omnicarservice and its users are considered to be carried out in Denmark. 

16.2 Disputes must be settled by Copenhagen City Court.